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We have pleasure in enclosing details and information about Bungee Jumping as an attraction for yourBungees Jumping, Adventure Sports India site. The package, intends to give you an outline of our site requirements, booking conditions, stringent safety regulations, terms and conditions and other relevant and interesting information. Bungees Jumping a Wanderlust Group company very successfully launched Bungee and Ballooning at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 01 Jan - 26 Jan. Bungees Jumping is an Indo German Joint venture fully covered under German TUV Safety Regulations which has a 0% casualty record. The entire, equipment is imported from Germany and our staff is trained overseas. Bungees Jumping operates with 3 safety methods - the foot harness, a body harness and a 18 ft. x 18 ft, 6 ft. air bag. We are offering crane jumps from 130 ft. presently Wanderlust balloons also flies Hot Air Balloon's, at the Bungee site with 3 passengers + 1 pilot with the balloon rising to 100-150 ft, offering, 7-8 mins. aerial flight. Advertisement banners can be put up on the Bungee Cage. Bungee air bag, Bungee crane, the, venue & the main entrance. The balloon can carry advertising banners on the basket and the balloon envelope. Our Bungee and balloon operations have been vastly covered by Star TV, Zee TV, Star Sports, NDTV, Doordarshan, TWI sports, Channel V etc. We have had front page photo and interview on the Times of India, Poineer and Hindustan Times.

Wanderlust is also in the process of building Bungee towers at two of our own resorts - WaterBanks Island (40 kms, From Delhi at Damdama Lake), and Ganga Banks (17 km s. From Rishikesh on the River Ganges), We will offer tower jumps into the lake and the river from various heights ranging from 90 ft. - 180 ft. These towers are expected to be ready by May 2004, Bungees Jumping also undertakes Bungee zorbingconsultancy, for new projects at new centers. Our technical team will set, up Bungee tower with exact specifications for jumps from various heights starting from 90ft to 300ft. You can add this unique activity at your already existing amusement center. We offer both build, train and handover to you for your team to operate or you may collaborate with us for operations after investing in the towers infrastructure. Our crane systems can be also brought to the site of your choice for organising a Bungee Carnival.

The entire Bungee team of Bungees Jumping is trained in Germany and operate with German technology and equipment with 100% safe measures. Bungees Jumping can give you a detailed presentation supported with photographs and slides. In addition scud diving, an exciting new sport with free falls on a net from the Bungee Tower is also being included at Waterbanks.  Wanderlust also specializes in other offbeat adventure sports like. Rafting, ballooning,
Paragliding & Scud Diving.

BUNGEE JUMPING Bungee Jumping, is both a spectacular attraction and an exhilarating experience for all who participate. We attract people from a wide background and a broad spectrum of age groups. The average age of jumpers is between 16 and 40, but the limit is 14 to 50. Spectators of all ages will stand in awe witnessing the many people who just have to do it. Contrary to what you may think, Bungee Jumping originated on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu with the natives performing it as part of their manhood ritual, leaping from bamboo towers with only, wines tied to their ankles.The worlds first Bungee jump as we know it occurred on April fools day 1979 when four jumpers performed a completely unauthorized leap, simultaneously, from Bristols Clifton suspension bridge using elasticized rubber ropes. Soon after, red blooded adrenaline seekers across the world embraced this thrilling and intriguing new sport that owes everything to plain, raw nerve ! Our site controller will liaise with the site organizer and local authorities and direct the team responsible for the safety and efficiency of the operation on the day, Each member of our staff are qualified Bungee Jumping crew trained to very high EBSA (European Bungee Sports Association) standards. There Bungees Jumping, Adventure Sports Indiatraining combines extensive practical experience, with theoretical familiarization with procedures and equipment, All equipment used in our operation applies a fundamental "redundancy" principle throughout and our procedures include rigorous double checking very much like a pilots preflight check routine.

Bungee Jumping first started hundreds of years ago in the South Pacific island of Vanatu. Young native tribesmen used to leap off huge trees with vines tied to their ankles, as a test of manhood. Contrary to popular belief, modem Bungee Jumping was founded in 1979 from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. Since then Bungee Jumping has spread to many, other countries across the globe, of which America France, New Zealand and Britain are but a few.

Wanderlust is safe in the Knowledge that its staff are some of the most experienced professionals in the sport of Bungee Jumping. Wanderlust is affiliated to the European bodies designed to oversee the safe and efficient running of member clubs. Bungees Jumping, Adventure Sports India

At Wanderlust safety is our number one priority, We have a 100% safety record. We operate to standards laid out in the codes of safe, Practice, TUV German safety regulations.

We suggest casual outdoor clothing. Fancy dress can be catered for, however we do reserve the
right to decline to jump anybody in an outfit which could compromise safety procedures.
You will not be allowed to jump wearing glasses. It is possible to jump wearing contact lenses, however we advise against this, and cannot accept responsibility if they are lost.


Typically we jump from heights in excess of 43 meters and can maintain jump of ratios of around 25 per hour and in the past have Jumped over 220 jumpers on one day at a single site.

YES. Participants must be over 14 years of age and in good health Jumpers over 50 require a doctor certificate and everyone must sign a declaration of sound health and indemnity, to be endorsed by a parent or guardian if the juniper is under 14. Jumper must not have a major back problem or high Blood pressure. People with mental or physical disabilities may also be able to take the plunge. We have jumped paraplegics and the blind, for whom Bungees Jumping, Adventure Sports Indiathe experience gives a special satisfaction.

Bungee Jumping is a great leveller and anyone, not only the young and the brave can take part. Although the jump itself takes only a few seconds the memory will last a lifetime. All our proud jumpers are presented with a certificate to prove they did it.

NO. We use military shocks cord which absorb the g-forces involved gradually so that the jumper is slowed at a steady rate, giving a smooth and thrilling bounce.

After signing an indemnity form you will receive a safety from the site officer. The site officer will then weigh you and designate you in a particular weight category, after which you will be harnessed and your weight will then be checked again by another member of staff prior to you being escorted to the Jump Master. Following a further check you will then be attached to the Bungee rope by a ground operative. This will again be checked by the Jump Master. The jump  station will ascend to the designated jump height and will be secured in position. During the ascent to jump height the jump Master will instruct you upon the final pre-jump procedure. After being despatched from the jump station and having successfully completed your Bungee jump, you will be retrieved by two Ground operatives and placed onto the landing mat, after which you will be experiencing the sensation of Post Bungee Euphoria, which affects people in many different ways, i,e; uncontrollable laughter, the odd tear or it has been known for a swear word or two to be uttered. Finally, once you have been unharnessed, you will be directed to the registrar in order to be presented with your official Bungee certificate, an 'I DID IT" T-shirt and Cap which has been well earned & sign the visitors book.


1. Read the fitness to Bungee Jump form (if you are below 14 years old then a Parent or Gurdian must sign the indemnity form on site)

2. If you are over 50 years old you must have a valid medical certificates.

3. Enclose a cheque or draft for either the full price or a 5O% deposit per jumper to be sure of getting your choice of date and time.

4. Send both the booking form and the cheque /draft to:

5. The whole jump fee MUST be paid on or before the jump date.

6. You will only be contacted if you do not get your choice of date and time.

7. If you receive this information pack less than 2 weeks prior to your jump date phone NOW to make a booking.

8. We rarely cancel because, of the weather however if you are unsure please phone.



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