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Wanderlust India
Tailormade Camps Wanderlust Camps & Resorts will set up a camp for you anywherein India. All we need is a group of Adventure Seeking enthusiasts. We set up two types of camps.
BASIC : The 2 man & 3 man nylon tents with sleeping bags, generally put up for2 to 7 days. Camp can be shifted to diffrent locations within 3 hours. Cheap and easy with basic comforts only.
DELUXE : Swiss tents complete with a 14x14 ft room with folding bed, bedding and western toilets, generally put up for a duration of more than 7 days at one palace. Deluxe but more expensive with class comfort.
Our administrative units complete cook & kitchenette, service staff, chemical toilets, foldling chairs, stools, garden umbrellas & hammocks, volley ball, croquet and golf putters will provide total camp back-up suport.
Our camp managers will select scenic spots for putting up such camps in the area of your intrest. wanderlust Camps & Resorts is the only company in India offring such quality services anywhere in India from the mountain ranges right upto the India Thar desert